What makes an ancient document “scritpure”?


In all religions, “scripture” is an amalgam of myths and stories that were passed on orally for centuries before they were ever written down.   Before printing, the stories were simply copied from earlier versions.  How do these haphazard collections of tales become the word of God?  How do we know they are even close to what this incomprehensible God has said?

For example, Mormonism relies on the word of a teen-aged boy who says he had a vision of two figures in brilliant white who showed him where the Book of Mormon lay hidden.  Later that boy, now a man, wrote what he called the Book of Abraham. This Book of Abraham entered into Mormon scripture as biblical literature, but  iwas based on nothing more than Egyptian funerary Documents that had nothing to do with the story of Abraham that Smith claimed to be copying.

After such a blatant fraud, one would have expected adherents of Mormonism to abandon it in droves. Nothing of the sort happened.  “Questions of literal historicity are not central to Mormon religion” writes one scholar.  What about other religions? What about you?

The New Testament says that when Jesus died on the cross “the tombs were opened and many bodies of the sleeping saints came back to life and went into the holy city, where they appeared to many?”  (Matt.27:51-53)  Is there any record of that anywhere outside the New Testament?