I was born and raised a Lutheran.  Religious belief in my family was nominal at best.  I went to Sunday School and Sunday church services, but my parents worked too hard to be part of any religion.  They worked seven days a week buying, running, selling, and then buying grocery stores.   That meant a lot of moving around and my father thought going to Sunday school was a good way for his boys to meet friends and girls.  I liked Sunday School and church, but, I confess, I never really understood what the praying, preaching and hymns were all about.  They were just ways to become part of the neighborhood.

Friends and relative went to church, I had religious teachers whom I liked and admired.   I have had lifelong friends who were devoutly religious.  Some even became clergy.  But it was impossible for me to discover what they believed.  No one knew what God was or where God was, and I never found out.  Referring me to the Bible was no help.  What did that have to do with God?  After a lifetime of study and searching, I have concluded that it is impossible to know God in any meaningful sense.

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