Mormonism: Polytheism delayed!

Gods is not some ineffable spirit.  He is a man who has exalted himself to Godhood.  All of us, after we end out physical lives, can exalt ourselves to Godhood.  Mormons therefore practice the Baptism of their deceased so that the deceased,, after phycisal death, can exalt themselves to Godhood.  The Mormon afterlife is therefore a world of many Gods.  Polytheismus delayed!


Mankin has been asking this for thousands of years in all religions.  No one answers?  Maybe no one is there?

All In One

DID YOU KNOW that Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Mormonism, and all the various sects within each of them, all go back to and claim the identical Old Testament God?  Does any religious person in any sect or religion have the slightest idea what they are supposed to believe in and worship?  Take a Fundamentalist true believer: what is fundamental?

This is ridiculous!

Abraham! Moses! Jesus! Muhammad! Little Joseph Smith! Brigham Young!  The earth has been here more than 4 billion years!  Human ancestors have been around for more than one million years!  Will somebody please speak up?  Where is God?  The only message we have is that no one shall see God and live!  What kind of a creator is that?  This is all nonsense .  Think!  Or at least read “Where Is God?”


What more would you know if you knew every word of the bible, the koran and the book of mormon were true?  NOTHING.  If God is still unknowable and ineffable as every religion claims, why do we search these scriptures, compare them and argue about them?  If no one knows what God is or wants, we still do not know what were are talking about, and the authors of these scriptures also do not know what they are writing about.  After millenia of ignorance, do we have to remain ignorant?  Google “Where Is God”Jannen, or check or  Fortunes are made every year selling forged pieces from the “Holy Land”, but tours pour in with gullible pious weeping and praying.  Why does this have to go on?  Where Is God?

Human ancestry goes back at least one million years

Where has God been all this time?  What was it doing?  If God and Religion are so important, why does God not let us know what it wants?  There is, after all, a great difference between an after life of nothing, an afterlife of some form of bliss, and an afterlife of eternal burning and torment.  Some clear guidance would seem to be important.  Of course, all that assumes there is a God who gives a damn.

Before 5000 B.C

Original bipeds, neanderthals, home sapiens, our ancestors appear.  Where was God then?  What was it doing all that time?  Where was God when dinasours roamed the earth?  The Bible deals with a very tiny piece of history.  How come we Limit ourselves to biblical times only?  How come, suddenly, there is God?